Mo Kolours: Artist You Should Know + Exclusive Mix

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From KCRW DJ Mathieu Schreyer:

Mo Kolours ‘s first EP for the excellent London-based label One Handed Music is definitely worth checking out.

Listening to the half-Mauritian vocalist and percussionist Mo Kolours ‘ EP “Drum Talking” one can hear how close he is to his native influences.

He cleverly crafted a perfect blend of African dub hip hop and it’s soulful too! It might be a late night EP for most people, but if your heartbeat is mellow and groovy, then this is just right for you.

The drums and the voices on “Bakiraq”, the opening track, sound like they are straight out of a Lee Perry and King Tubby session.  I also love his lead vocal and how he uses the various vocal loops on “Biddies”.

Mo Kolours by Wax Poetics

The whole EP reminds me so much of a modern Kip Hanrahan record – raw and gentle at the same time.

Mo Kolours did a great mix for my show last month , you can stream it here .

I hope that, like me, you are looking forward to hear more from this young fellow. And if you stay tuned to KCRW, chances are you will.


Mathieu Schreyer