Moon Duo: Artist You Should Know

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Bay Area duo Moon Duo create soundtracks for dark forest and scorched Earth vision quests.

Comprised of Wooden Shjips’ Erik Johnson and Sanae Yamada, the duo released Mazes last year, and have are set to release it’s just slightly less puzzling (but no less dizzying) follow-up Circles on October 2nd.

As their name implies, they make spacey psychedelic dirges that are as fascinating as they are cold and droney. Haunted and seemingly informed by freaky magik, ego death trips, and a Jodorowsky aesthetic, Moon Duo are the sound of pop tropes getting filtered through Silver Apples and The Soft Machine. As much as they wear their influences on their sleeve, they are still doing something completely original and left-of-center…this is Advanced Weirdness for true heads. Firewalk with them.

Moon Duo – Sleepwalker by sacredbones