Murals – “I Live Here”

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Louisville, KY seems a ripe destination for musical tourists.  One of the hotbeds of 90s indie rock, with artists like Antietem, June of 44, Will Oldham and Slint, the city moved into the 21st century with hometown bands like the Watson Twins, VHS or Beta and My Morning Jacket.  Now psychedelic chamber-pop trio Murals add their name to the list, with their debut album Violet City Lantern due out 2/19 on Fire Talk Records.  We are happy to premiere one of the album’s cuts, “I Live Here.”

Drummer Rob Monsma says of the track, “The working title for this song was “Brazil” which reflected the opening riff. It had a certain bounce and rhythm that seemed to fit the name. We tracked the drums, bass, and guitars live, and through the process of overdubbing and mixing the song became a collage of sorts. We were overdubbing the middle of the song – after the celebratory section – and happened to open the windows. There were church bells signaling noon, so we pressed record and the rest is history, as they say.”


‘Violet City Lantern’ out 2/19 via Fire Talk, violet vinyl pre-order here;