Music For Your Weekend

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Fridays can be bittersweet for me because the nature of my career, doesn’t really allow for very many “days off”; despite being surrounded by folks whose schedule allows them to enjoy the weekend. No matter which end of the spectrum you’re on, this week has provided a few new musical offerings to guide you through these next couple of days.

Little Dragon – “Lover Chanting”

If you’re a fan of KCRW, then you’re familiar with Little Dragon. This Swedish collective has captured our imagination since their self-titled debut back in 2007. Yes, they’ve been around that long! Shortly after announcing that they’ve signed with the iconic indie label Ninja Tune records (two days ago), LD dropped the title track from a forthcoming EP, “Lover Chanting.” Though they may be with a new label, this latest single proves that Little Dragon remains committed to making fun and progressive, electronic-pop music. “Lover Chanting” is out now on all digital platforms. Enjoy!

Jerry Paper – “My God”

Lucas Nathan, better known as Jerry Paper, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer, and songwriter. He makes music that’s an amalgamation of Mac DeMarco and Steely Dan, with dashes of Toro y Moi. His latest record, Like A Baby, is a contemporary soft rock masterpiece and is out today on Stones Throw Records. The latest single from the record is “My God,” which finds the narrator questioning the significance of material wealth and what it would look like if we carried our earnings into the afterworld. When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Nathan said, “I was thinking a lot about how money represents value but in the face of death it’s worthless. I thought a lot about how funny it is to devote a life amassing wealth beyond what one can use in this life…I thought about how Egyptian pharaohs were buried with their belongings to prepare for the afterlife, and decided to start the song with the narrator being buried with his receipts in order to keep an accurate tab.” I think the video captures this sentiment perfectly.

Lupe Fiasco – “Manilla (Drogas Wave)”

I am a big, longtime fan of Lupe Fiasco. He is a criminally overlooked lyricist, a master at crafting concept albums and is one of the most innovative MCs in hip hop. All of these attributes are on full display with his latest offering. Lupe’s seventh studio album DROGAS WAVE, is yet another concept album and his most ambitious yet. WAVE is the sequel to his 2017 album, DROGAS LIGHT and tells the fictional story of African slaves that jumped off a slave ship during the Trans Atlantic slave trade. Some returned back to Africa while several others remained behind and somehow survived living under water. Those who remained behind spent the rest of their existence sinking slave ships. What a concept, right? One of my favorite – of the 24 – tracks on the album is “Manilla,” which details the history of how the metal bracelets were exchanged for slaves during Trans Atlantic slave trade. You could trade one for one. I must admit this album came out a couple of weeks ago but I was only able to dive in to it after my last post on the 28th. Anyway, take a listen to “Manilla” and please check out the entire album too!

(Litte Dragon carousel photo c/o: Stuart Sevastos)