Music For Your Weekend

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Hi, how are you? I know I tend to open several of these posts with something to the effect of, “It’s been a tough week right?” That said, it’s been a VERY tough week here in Los Angeles. We lost a beloved member of the KCRW family, Jonathan Gold, on the same day that the Trader Joe’s that is a five minute walk from my home and the homes of so many others was terrorized. We need a break, right? So with that in mind, here are a few songs to help you to relax and feel good.

Kan Wakan – “Indigo”

I typically expect local project Kan Wakan to give me seriously laid-back vibes, but in a more cinematic wide reaching sort of way. So this tight, glitchy, jazz-tinged number was quite a pleasant surprise. The track features L.A.-based Elle Olsun in an outstanding vocal turn, and if you’re anything like me you’ll find it to be the perfect balm to soothe your weary soul.

Wild Nothing
– “Partners in Motion”

I’ve been a Wild Nothing fan since the beginning of their career when it was essentially a one man band laptop project. To hear what it’s evolved into over the years has been an absolute thrill. Where the lead single from the forthcoming album Indigo, “Letting Go,” was a glorious rush of pop fizz, this one takes its time. Its sultry, mannered, and it uses these skills to effortlessly draw you into its orbit.

Snail Mail – “Heat Wave”

Alongside everything else that’s been happening here in L.A., it’s been so, so hot. But Snail Mail’s “Heat Wave” actually possesses the power to cool you down. Think of it as a sort of Christmas in July indie rock miracle.

Wild Nothing feature image: John Lubbock, Kan Wakan carousel image: Purple Bite PR