Music For Your Weekend

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With the warm weather returning, Reggae Night and the 4th under our belt, it now officially feels like summer. For you this time of the year may also mean vacation, fortunately for us music lovers (and Laker fans 😉 that’s not the case. There are several new releases you should check out this weekend. Speaking of this weekend, I’ll be on-air during our “Summer Mixer” time slot from 12-3pm so please tune in! Now on to the music.

GorillazThe Now Now

After the guest heavy Humanz of 2017, the prolific Damon Albarn is back one year later with The Now Now, which is noticeably light on features. This sixth Gorillaz offering is a bit of a departure from the big sounds and grand concepts of 2005’s Demon Days, that catapulted the virtual-band into pop fame. With that said, Now Now still has playful, simple, psych-pop songs that are melodically rich; a skill set that Albarn continues to show he his masterful at crafting. Take a look at the visual for the track that opens the record, “Humility,” which features the legendary jazz guitarist George Benson.


The Philadelphia/Brooklyn band is back with their third full length, Mindset. Lead singer Kenny Vasoli abandoned his typical process of making an album and worked alone for months on end to create this latest effort. Though the approach may have been a bit different this time around, sonically it’s classic Vacationer. Lush sounds, great melodies, rock drums with hip-hop and pop sensibilities is what us fans have become accustom to from these guys; and Mindset certainly doesn’t disappoint. Check out “Being Here” which Vasoli described in an interview as “reminders for myself to be present and experience life as it unfolds.”

Magic Drum OrchestraThe DNA of Rhythm

Without knowing anything about this album or group, how can you pass up on something with this title? Now allow me to tell you about the group. Magic Drum Orchestra is a percussion-collective led by Gly Bush, whom you may know by his other moniker, Biggabush. MDO incorporates a wide range of styles including Batucada, Samba, funk, Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Afrobeat, and Jungle. In other words, if you like drums, bass, and anything having to do with the low end, you’ll love this album. Also, speaking of Jungle, enjoy the first single off the record, “Original Nuttah” feat. Bunty

(Gorillaz carousel image c/o Matija Puzar/CC)