Music For Your Weekend

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Maybe I’m just really feeling my indie rock/post-punk roots this week, or maybe there is just a lot of really good indie rock/post-punk inspired music being released at the moment. Most likely it’s both, so I’ve been compelled to assemble a very guitar centric music for your weekend guide. Crank these ones to 11.

Sam Evian – “Health Machine”

Even for someone like me who spends most days devouring new music, I know I’m only finding a fraction of what’s out there on my own. So imagine my delight as I was out running errands a few days ago, listening to Morning Becomes Eclectic, and hearing this 90s indie rock tinged gem for the first time. Evian’s voice is just right for this type of song, the guitars are exactly as crunchy sounding as they should be, and the whole thing builds to a very satisfying climax that you’ll be so happy to have waited for.

Drinks – “Corner Shops”

If you’re very into post-punk and garage rock then you likely think of Drinks a super group. Welsh Goddess Cate Le Bon, and White Fence frontman Tim Presley have teamed up once again to release a second album, Hippo Lite. One listen to “Corner Shops,” and you’ll understand why the post-punk guitar sound is so often described as “angular.” Everything about the track is slightly disorienting in the best possible way, and this psychedelic romp of a music video compliments that feeling brilliantly.

Bush Tetras – “Don’t Stop It”

Speaking of post-punk legends, Bush Tetras are back with their first new recordings in over 10 years! “Don’t Stop It” is a stand out track from the entirely excellent Take the Fall E.P. It’s loud, exhilarating, and lead singer Cynthia Sley’s voice and lyrics are in top form. What a time to be alive.

Cheekface – “Dry Heat/Nice Town”

It’s such a treat to come across a song that’s genuinely funny. Especially when the artist isn’t explicitly setting out to make musical comedy. On the two tracks that have been released so far from new local band Cheekface, they’re giving us solid indie rock tunes with lyrics that will at the very least bring a wry grin to your face but more likely will make you actually laugh out loud. This one engages in some gentle ribbing of a particular brand of social activist with a chorus so catchy you’ll be humming it for days. Plus, let’s be real, if we do somehow find ourselves in a future where 7-11s are giving out free green juice I am 100 percent here for it.

(Cate Le Bon carousel photo by Zoran Veselinovic, Bush Tetras photo by Autovac)