Music For Your Weekend

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This is finally the week where I share with you several of my slept on favorites from the past few months. The songs in this rotation are all ones that I’ve been obsessed with for awhile now, and I just can’t keep them from you any longer! Please enjoy.

Gwenno – “Tir Ha Mor”

Picking one song from Welsh artist Gwenno’s masterpiece of an album Le Kov was a near impossible task. It honestly became one of those situations where I just had to go with the track that is my favorite at the moment. If I wrote this post next week, my choice would likely be different. Such are the trails of recommending an entry point into a perfect album I suppose… I was hoping to share the haunting, languid ballad “Jynn-amontya,” but alas, I couldn’t find an embed code for it. Never fear though! I did tell you that Le Kov is a perfect record, and that is true. Here is the awesome video for the lead single “Tir Ha Mor.”

*And as a bonus, you can/should go ahead and listen to Le Kov in it’s entirety over on Spotify.*

Psychemagik – “Sisters of the Moon”

Every year I eagerly await that one song that sends literal shivers through my spine, that makes me sit or stand up a little straighter because it’s just announced itself as my favorite song of the year. This year it was a one-two punch, as I had just fallen hopelessly in love with this single’s a side “The Trip,” and then all of a sudden I was in the orbit of “Sisters of the Moon.” Both songs exist as something of a beautiful, psychedelic fever dream that you will want to be lost in forever. Also, that art work tho…

Ted Milton – “Love is Like a Violence”

Originally released in 1984, and an apparent staple in the left-field dance world – this track only came onto my radar recently thanks to a reissue from the good people doing the Lord’s work over at Optimo Music. This is an unnerving listen, but so satisfying as it contains all of the hallmarks of a mutant disco classic. An odd voiced narrator singing about something vaguely sinister, dark synths, and a very off kilter saxophone solo. I just can’t get enough.

(Gwenno carousel image: Rhys Thomas, featured image: Jim Ellis)