Music For Your Weekend

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I’ve always been an intense daydreamer. For as long as I can remember, regardless of the situation I find myself in, I’m often crafting some sort of alternate reality within my vivid imagination. Therefore, it’s never been much of a surprise to me that the music I’m most drawn to is often verrrrry dreamy. That description fits the songs in this week’s round up to a T; so if you enjoy being lost in the dream world as much as I do, you’re really going to love all of these.

Ride – “Catch You Dreaming”

When it was announced last year that both Ride and Slowdive would be releasing new albums my heart nearly exploded. When I found out the Ride album was to be produced by DJ/electro/indie wizard Erol Alkan, my brain nearly exploded as well. The first time I heard this track from the brand new E.P. Tomorrow’s Shore (comprised of songs that didn’t quite make 2017’s full album Weather Diaries) my ears immediately perked up. This was exactly the sound that I’d been, well, dreaming of from a Ride/Alkan collaboration. Languid, and vibey, with prominent electronic components. Pure heaven.

Beach House – “Lemon Glow”

Speaking of pure heaven, this new Beach House single (the first from their forthcoming, yet to be titled 7th album) is also that. To be fair though, Beach House has never managed to produce a song that doesn’t sound like the aural equivalent to a glass of distilled bliss. Pro-tip, watch the video in full screen mode especially if you (like me) aren’t going to have time to meditate today. I promise it will produce the same, or perhaps even better results…

Pale Blue – “You Stopped Dying”

Pale Blue is very likely my platonic ideal of a recording project. The duo comprised of Mike Simonetti (DJ/producer extraordinaire and co-founder of the highly influential Italians do it Better and 2MR record labels) along with vocalist Elizabeth Wight make exactly the kind of dance music – equal parts gorgeous and challenging – that I can never get enough of. Wight has one of those voices that pierces the depths of your soul, and Simonetti’s beats pulsate in a way that is almost too satisfying to properly describe. You’re gonna want to put this one on repeat.

(Beach House photo c/o: Man Alive!)