Music For Your Weekend

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Whew, what a week… I for one am more grateful than ever that great music is there to offer a bit of respite. If you’re like me, you’ve been singing all of your favorite Tom Petty songs at the top of your lungs to celebrate the life of that incredible performer we lost all too soon. I imagine that we’ll all keep doing that for awhile, but there is SO much great new music out there as well that needs to be on your radar. Allow me to offer a few of my current favorites.

De Lux – “875 Dollars”

I can still remember the first time I heard De Lux’s breakout single “Better at Making Time.” Anne Litt was playing it, and I’m pretty sure that I had a “driveway moment” when I arrived at my destination because I was waiting to hear who the band was that was responsible for my new favorite song. As soon as I had that information, I tracked the song down right away. It became a staple of my DJ sets. Now ahead of their third album, brilliantly titled More Disco Songs About Love, we have this delicious disco banger. It’s just the thing you need to help you groove into the weekend.

Gavin Turek – “Birdie Bees”

The opening riff of this single is seriously funky, and I challenge anyone to hear it without immediately breaking into a huge grin. Things only get better from there once you hear how insanely catchy the melody is, and how expertly it’s brought to life by Turek’s vocal performance. This is another one that you’ll be getting down to (not to mention humming to yourself all through the weekend and well beyond).

Jesse Kivel – “L.A. Story”

I’ve been playing this single since it was sent to me back in August, and it’s remained one of my favorites ever since. The record that it appears on is out today, so it seemed like just the right time to make sure this silky smooth masterpiece is a part of your life.

(Gavin Turek photo: Hana Ardelean)