Music For Your Weekend

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Now that KCRW’s Masquerade Ball talent has been officially announced, it’s time for you to start thinking about your costume! Of course, what would that very fun yet often extremely difficult process be without a top notch soundtrack? Certainly not nearly as fun as it will be with this one…

LCD Soundsystem – “Change Yr Mind”

LCD’s new album American Dream may surprise a lot of fans. It certainly leans heavier into their post-punk/new wave influences than it does into their dance/disco ones. “Change Yr Mind,” is one of a few tracks on the record that splits this difference pretty nicely. Despite its relatively heavy subject matter, it’s got a good beat and you could dance to it. You could blast it through your headphones and let the majesty wash over you. Either way you win.

St. Vincent – “Los Ageless”

Now for a track that is almost certain to get you up and moving, we have the latest from St. Vincent (the second single she’s released from her forthcoming record Masseduction, out 10/13 via Loma Vista). “Los Ageless,” offers a nice contrast to the bittersweet piano ballad that is the album’s first single “New York.” It has a deeply satisfying groove that you’ll find yourself returning all weekend long.

Cape Weather – “Telephono”

Cape Weather are a new local duo comprised of Natalie Smith (whose recorded for years under solo monikers), and Eric Jackowitz (drummer for KCRW favorite Nick Waterhouse). “Telephono” is a quick listen, coming in at just under two minutes, but what a deeply satisfying two minutes those are. The track is hazy, and described by the band as being heavily influenced by Dusty Springfield’s version of “Spooky.” This combined with its modern touches make it reminiscent of a few other KCRW artists like Cults and the Derevolutions.

(St. Vincent photo: Nedda Afsari)