Music For Your Weekend

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Before we get into the weekend tunes, last Saturday we welcomed the legendary DJ Shadow to the KCRW airwaves for his first 2 hr show called: Find, Share, Rewind. Shadow took listeners on a musical journey unlike any other. Whether you’re a beathead or casual music listener, this is a BIG DEAL and I suggest you check it out! You will not be disappointed with what you hear.

Now let’s get to a couple of new releases I’m excited about:

Here Lies Man – “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” from Here Lies Man

Here Lies Man is the brainchild of Marcos Garcia better known as Chico Mann and the guitarist for Antibalas. If you’re familiar with Garcia’s musical endeavors then you know he does not follow the popular trend that dominates the radio. He does his own thing. HLM is a no exception to this rule. It’s an ambitious effort combining Garcia’s expertise in West African rhythms and his love of heavy psych rock. Imagine if Fela Kuti and Black Sabbath made a record. That’s Here Lies Man, enjoy!

Sneaks – “Hair Slick Back” from It’s a Myth

Eva Moolchan better known as Sneaks is a refreshing voice in the otherwise male dominated post-punk scene. Straightforward vocals, bass, drum machine and electronics are what define her second full length album. This minimalist approach and production from Mary Timony (Helium, Ex Hex) make It’s a Myth unbelievably captivating. It’s laced with attitude, funk and a whole lot of fun. Coming in at just under 19 minutes, the only thing missing from this album is more music.

D-Pulse – “Anna” from Serpentine

D-Pulse is a quartet from St. Petersburg. Not Florida but Russia, yeah Russia. Though their music sounds familiar and incorporates elements of pop music that you are accustom to, D-Pulse’s style is a bit hard to define. They’ve carved out a unique soundscape that is a blend of psychedelic rock guitars, smooth melodies, warm analog tones, synthesizers & French house. Their latest album, Serpentine, is what you get when you combine Jamiroquai, Phoenix & Glass Animals. Sounds pretty damn fun right? I’ve been obsessed with their single “Anna” and have a feeling you will be too.