Music For Your Weekend

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I recently came across some new music that I’m pretty excited about! This week’s recommendations span a nice range: from flamenco to future soul, to post-punk created in an ethereal world. Intrigued right? Well, let’s get right to it, because I’m eager for you to hear. Don’t forget to let me know what you think!


To say Rosalía is talented would be intellectually dishonest. She is a force of nature! Hailing from Catalan, she has blended flamenco and pop music in a way rarely, if ever, heard. As a live act, her stage production rivals any big pop act you could name. Rosalía’s latest offering, El Mal Querer, is on the list of unique albums released this year. The album is produced by El Guincho, who gained worldwide fame with his song “Bombay” in 2010. His ability to fuse tropicalia, pop, electronica, and reggae captivated audiences. It is safe to say with El Mar Querer, Guincho has found his perfect muse in Rosalía. The album is amalgamation of flamenco, fado, pop, and opera. You can’t even really imagine what that must sound like right? Hit play.

Khruangbin – Christmas Time is Here

By now there is no introduction needed for Khruangbin. If you are an avid listener of KCRW, then you’ve probably heard these guys on our airwaves a lot over the last couple of years. Just ahead of the holiday season, the psychedelic surf rock trio have put their sound to good use with this Christmas classic.

Georgia Anne Muldrow – Aerosol

Imagine if Roberta Flack and Erykah Badu had a baby, you’d get Georgia Anne Muldrow. Though she isn’t a household name, she has been a favorite amongst music-heads for many years now. Pitchfork recently described Muldrow as an ‘avant-garde soul singer for the future’, and when you listen to her ability to playfully blend her unique approach to melody arrangements with R&B, it’s difficult to disagree. Muldrow has created soul music that not only sounds like it’s from another time but perhaps another planet. With that in mind, her new album Overload, certainly does not disappoint.

Sneaks – Beliefs

I’m a big big fan of this D.C. native; so much so that I listed her album It’s A Myth as one of the top ten most slept on albums of 2017. So, I was excited to see the post-punk singer is back! “Beliefs” is unlike anything else Sneaks has released before. Though her dreamy vocals remain, this new song’s production sounds like a fusion of trap and grime created in an ethereal world. Heavy bass and lingering melodies…what more do you want?

(Khruangbin photos by Dustin Downing)