Music For Your Weekend feat. Tyler, the Creator, Men I Trust, Primrose Forever Sanctuary, and JAMESDAVIS

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This week, we ended our second go around with the experiment known as the UnDrive Pledge Drive…and it was a success! So thanks to all of you who joined and renewed. Now that we're back to our normal programming, here are a few selections for you to enjoy this long holiday weekend. 

Men I Trust – “Norton Commander (All We Need)”

The trio from Montreal is back with a new single from their forthcoming full-length, Oncle Jazz. "Norton Commander (All We Need)" follows in their musical tradition of "Show Me How," "Numb" and many others by creating a sonic landscape that's laid-back, seductive and a little funky all in one. In the video, lead singer Emma Proulx is driving around in an open-top convertible with a male companion just before the golden hour. The background will look familiar if you live in Southern California, as she explores the streets of Los Angeles and the 10 freeway. Enjoy.

JAMESDAVIS - "Dodger Black"

If you aren't hip to JAMESDAVIS, shame on you (just kidding). Our very own Chris Douridas put them on my radar several years back and I've been a fan ever since. Formerly known as, James Davis, they are a sibling-trio from Inglewood, CA comprised of fraternal twins Jess & Rey and their brother Auston Reynolds. I must confess this song came out a couple of months ago but I only recently discovered it and it highlights a reality that I think is important to share. "Dodger Black" is a personal narrative about a young man that is hoping to make it home before the streets consume him. A story that is familiar to many folks that look like Auston or myself and the black and white video brilliantly captures the drama of this stark reality for many young black men. The music itself amplifies the scenario with heavy chords & dark bass lines and guitar riffs you'd typically only hear in blaxploitation films. Being from Inglewood myself, I'm so proud of what this trio has blossomed into and I'm excited to see what they have to offer now that they are signed to Motown Records. Take a look at the visuals for "Dodger Black"

Tyler, the Creator - "EARFQUAKE"

This man needs no introduction by now. I'm always excited and inspired by Tyler's projects because he truly is a singular creative and brings a unique perspective to hip-hop that is so refreshing. His visuals for the second single behind his recently released IGOR album is a great example of this.

Primrose Forever Sanctuary - "All In My Head" 

Primrose Forever Sanctuary is a new project compromised of the couple Alyssa Miller & Korey Dane. Born from a shared vision to start a band and an animal sanctuary. Dane, many of you may be familiar with, as his songs have graced our airwaves for several years now. Miller, you may recognize as she has graced the runways and many magazines as a model. While jet setting the world, Miller also spent time refining her first loves of singing and songwriting. The two met by chance in a LA hotel lobby and quickly realized they had a shared vision: music and animals. Soon thereafter they introduced their rescue animals and took refuge at...Primrose Forever Sanctuary.

Their music is classic Americana with influences of Laurel Canyon and touches of psychedelia. They are currently writing their debut album in the company of 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds and a potbelly pig named Paul. Enjoy their first offering as Primrose Forever Sanctuary. By the way, if you're in Los Angeles they have a show this Sunday at Gold Diggers.