Music For Your Weekend: Cinco de Mayo Party Playlist 2017

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Oh, Cinco de Mayo, how I love to hate you. But well I guess traditions are traditions, and there’s no reason your weekend long, Cinco de Drinko, rager should have stale tunes!

To honor Mexico’s triumph over France in the Batalla de Puebla (most random event ever to commemorate in the U.S.), we’ve outfitted you with a killer playlist built around some phat cumbias that will get the dance floor going.

I figured it was prudent since Puebla and cumbias go together like rice and beans; and this weekend, Puebla is the reason you purchased that wooden pallet of [insert your fav Mexican beer here].

I also included some cool drinking songs to round out your wild weekend of odd tribute for when the party mellows out.

Enjoy! And remember to culturally appropriate responsibly.