Music for Your Weekend: Classics Remixed Edition

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It’s officially “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” I won’t bombard you with obscure Christmas tunes (yet), but this time right between Thanksgiving and Christmas does have me craving nostalgic favorites. Fortunately there are a few great new/new to me remixes out there that really scratch that itch. As a bonus, they’re all extremely dance floor friendly.

Hall & Oates – “I Can’t Go For That (Pomo Remix)”

The original of this one has long been a staple for me in DJ sets, but I feel like this version will soon be in more heavy rotation. It does all of the things I love most in a remix: maintains the bulk of what made the track so great in the first place, but updates it just enough to make it exciting.

Michael Jackson – “I Can’t Help It (Todd Terje Rekutt)”

Discoveries like this one are what make me love KCRW so very much. I heard Raul Campos play this recently, and immediately knew I had to add it to my collection. It’s a perfect extended edit (in true Todd Terje style) that adds more magic to what was already a stone-cold classic.

The Sunburst Band – “Fashion (Joey Negro Club Mix)”

This one is neither new, nor new to me, but it seems shameful that I’ve not yet shared it with you. It’s a deeply funky cover/remix of one of my very favorite David Bowie songs. I don’t think I’ve ever played it at a gig without at least one person coming up to me to express how awesome it is.