Mux Mool: Artist You Should Know

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Mux Mool is the alias of Brooklyn via Minnesota beatcrafter Brian Lindgren. Creating an electronic body rocking hip hop fusion that fits perfectly in the Ghostly International family he’s a part of, Mux Mool’s productions are unique while being completely accessible.

Dandelion by muxmool

By drawing on a variety of familiar influences (video game boss themes, chunky choppy MF Doom-esque samples, early electro, and French house atmospherics) Lindgren comes up with virtual soundscape that is something not unlike what I imagine backpack graffiti kids from Tron’s digital ghettos would be listening to as they bomb the subways on their way home from school.

2muxLUV by muxmool

Lindgren’s out and about supporting his latest release, Planet High School, which is his reflection on the shifting state of the American Dream, a world where definitions of success and comfort are rendered antiquated, and notions of relevance are based on being true to ourselves and the present. Presently, he’s gearing up to perform at SXSW.

— Mario Cotto