Ned and the Dirt – “We Scream Party”

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There just aren’t enough concept EPs out there.  Anyone can do a concept album – it gives you lots of room to tell your longer story.  And what is a single but a “concept track.”  But to limit yourselves to just a couple of songs while still giving a larger scope to your storytelling – that’s a challenge!  Los Angeles-based transplants Ned and the Dirt give it a shot on their new self-released EP, Wild Pack: Haunt These Woods.  The trio spin their tales with a bright, crunchy brand of indie rock, reminiscent of the Hold Steady or Kings of Leon, alternating between howling rockers and plaintive ballads.  “We Scream Party” is the centerpiece of the record, with its chugging rhythm, sing-along chorus, its celebration of their adopted hometown, and a minute-long coda of guitar freak-out.

As frontman Ned Durrett describes:  “We Scream Party” is the moments leading up to the night that we’ve all been waiting for; where we can all bask in the youthful feelings that we’re never going to die, we’re doing everything right, we’re the greatest people alive and this is f’ing fun.”

Now, as to just exactly what the underlying concept of Ned and the Dirt’s EP is all about, that is for you to determine when the full EP comes out March 4.  In the meantime, enjoy this premiere & scream your own party!