New Blondes Out Today!

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From minute one, Brooklyn ambient dance duo Blondes has pleasantly been doing things their own way.

Crafting an ambient tribal techno that borrows from early house as much as 70s synth-cosmische, Blondes’ Sam Haar and Zach Steinman’s soundscapes are blissed out journeys where the edges of consciousness meet the reflected beams of light off slowly turning disco balls.

Their debut LP was a stunner composed of a year’s worth of 12″s and their remixes by a veritable who’s who of dance intelligencia.

There’d been rumors of new work, but no specifics until this morning when,without warning, they simultaneously announced and released their new work.

Swisher  is a sumptuous trippy experience which will be out physically in August but is available digitally now and is currently streaming via YouTube. I highly suggest the YouTube listen as you get the entire album experience as opposed to a series of single tracks.

It’s excellent and feels like a warm bath. Like the experimental amniotic fluid in The Abyss, It’s okay to go under, you can breathe this and when you do you’ll see the lights.