New Brendan Benson – Bad For Me MP3

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Brendan Benson is an artist we’ve both loved for a long time – for his earlier solo work and his contribution to The Raconteurs (with the great Jack White).

Jason Bentley has been spinning the first single off his forthcoming album “What Kind of World” (which the musician financed himself) and I’m totally in love with it. It’s called “Bad For Me”.

(Stream below and grab a free download here!)

For me, it evokes the dreamy romanticism and undisputed catchiness I love about his earlier work, particularly “Tiny Spark” which easily makes my “best songs of all time list” (yes, I love it that much). Something about this track just stirs up all my emotions in a way I can physically feel.

Eric, on the other hand, finds it a bit TOO poppy, saying it sounds more appropriate for someone like Robbie Williams to be singing it. He finds the grand, orchestral elements to be a bit much and misses the less polished sound of his earlier work.

This is a conversation we have a lot. Is it a bad thing that something sounds too mainstream? I mean, really, that is just a big compliment because it means more people will likely hear it.

But one wonders if all his old fans will go along with the new sound.

Eric, admittedly, hasn’t heard the whole album so we’re just talking about one song but I’m very happy to say we’ll be welcoming Brendan to the studio next month and we’ll get to share a full session with you!