New Classixx! Could This be the Party Album of the Year?

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I’m not the sort of person that thinks I can get away with using the word “banger” to talk about a song. I’m just not cool enough to pull it off. But if I were to use that expression, it would be completely fitting for the track “Holding On” on the new album from Classixx.

Holding On by Classixx

We’ve written about this dynamic duo a few times on this here blog (including in DJ Mario Cotto’s run down of LA’s best dance music producers) but when I heard their debut, I could not hold back from posting again. It’s THAT good. They’ve released a lot of songs over the years, but this is the first proper full length album and they knocked it out of the park.

It could very well be the party album of the year.  (yes, I know knew Daft Punk is on the horizon but I’ll believe it when I hear it)

The album, “Hanging Gardens”, will be out May 14 on Innovative Leisure and is already among our top 50 most played albums of the moment. Here’s another taste, the excellently named “A Fax From the Beach”.