New Daft Punk – Get Lucky

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get lucky

We’re up all night to Get Lucky!

A new song from Daft Punk is always cause for excitement, but with the addition of vocals from Pharell Williams and guitar from Chic’s Nile Rodgers, “Get Lucky” is an undeniable smash.

Our DJs jumped all over the track, with Anne Litt calling it her “favorite thing they’ve done in years”.  They enlisted some very talented friends, yet still created something indelibly stamped with the Daft Punk sound.

Even though they haven’t released a full album of new music (aside from the score to “Tron: Legacy”) since 2005, they band has kept busy with various projects and appearances, including their Grammy performance with Kanye West in 2008 and showing up on an episode of The Simpsons just last year.

Since they didn’t do a surprise set at Coachella as many had hoped (they were spotted backstage watching their friends Phoenix perform), it’s safe to say their fans are eagerly anticipating their next move.

The full album“Random Access Memories” is set for release on May 21. The band seems to be having fun building up the buzz, releasing the 13 track names as a 6-second video shot on an IPhone.

Count me among the folks eagerly anticipating more songs, especially after spinning this one a half dozen times over the weekend!