New Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Man on Fire MP3

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While down in Austin, Texas for the SXSW music conference, Jason Bentley debuted a new track from LA favorites Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros on Morning Becomes Eclectic. The song was “Man on Fire”.

Stream “Man on Fire”:

The band toured pretty much non stop for years behind their debut so we’ve all been wondering when we would hear new songs – and what they would sound like. From what I hear, the band holed up in a studio in the California desert (as opposed to the Laurel Canyon, where their debut came to life).

The song, to me, shows a band in a state of reflection. It has all the warmth I love about their music and Alex Ebert’s voice is just one of my favorites.

While we only have one song to go on for now, there will be a LOT more coming soon. Their album, “Here”, will be out May 29 (just in time for summer. I mean, this band brings summertime happy vibes like no other) and they just announced this week that they will be releasing a SECOND album in 2012. From Ebert:

“In the middle of the recording process we realized we were essentially making a double album. Being four years since our last album, the writing explored a wide variety of subject and sound, as it turned out we had a lot to say,” said the band’s Alex Ebert in a statement. “Instead of putting it out all at once, we found that two different albums seemed to be forming. Alone these albums are albums. Together these albums express a varying and so relatively living portrait of our lives.”

Well, a lot to look forward to!