New Henry Rollins broadcast: Wand, David Bowie & a Lightning Bolt jag

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Thank you for listening to last week’s show as we took a moment to acknowledge the passing of Gail Zappa and Steve Mackay.

For this show, our first hour is classic Punk Rock and we get more exploratory in our second hour. The Creeping Pink album is really cool, that’s on Castle Face.

Last night, I listened to the new Wand album 1000 Days on Drag City. I had the download but the LP arrived yesterday and I got it spinning immediately. It is pretty damn amazing. The other two Wand albums, Ganglion Reef and Golem, are great but 1000 Days is quite a breakthrough. If are a Wand fan, run do not walk to 1000 Days. Otherwise, it’s just a great record, hear it as soon as you can.

If you are presently located in Los Angeles, you might be having a problem believing it’s October. It is almost summer weather. I have been going for some long listening sessions with a lot of my October favorites, but it’s hard to get the party going with the temperature so high and the humidity up. But I am having a great time anyway.

A few nights ago, I got into a Lightning Bolt jag and listened to Oblivion Hunter and Hypermagic Mountain back to back. Amazing. Also, a lot of Lost Sounds 7”’s and Jay Reatard’s Live at Golden Plains. I wish that record was easier to find. It is absolutely blazing. What a band, what great songs. Been checking a lot of Bowie radio singles. They are cut really hot and sound great — it’s like the band is breathing on you. Angie Bermuda of Straight Arrows has released two solo records. Both great. Free Agent is the new one. Listened to it last night. Fantastic. A guy sent me a letter telling me to check out a band called Yes I’m Leaving from Australia. I listened to their new album and ordered a copy. Really powerful stuff.

Julia from Rice Is Nice sent me this link last night for this band High Tension. Working for me!

I hope you dig the tunes we have lined up for you and that you’re getting a lot of listening happening elsewhere.

Stay loose and STAY FANATIC!!!

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Hour 1

01. The Damned – Rabid (Over You) / single
02. Adverts – My Place / Singles Collection
03. Buzzcocks – Harmony in My Head / Singles Going Steady
04. The Lurkers – Out In The Dark / God’s Lonely Men
05. UK Subs – She’s Not There / Brand New Age
06. Generation X – Ugly Rash / b-side of Dancing with Myself 7″
07. The Valves – Tarzan of the King’s Road / single
08. Machines – Everything’s Technical / EP
09. The Fall – Marquis Cha Cha / Early Singles
10. Wire – Champs / Pink Flag
11. Ruts – SUS / Peel Sessions
12. The Dregs – I’m Insane / EP
13. X Ray Spex – I Can’t Do Anything / Germ Free Adolescents
14. Eater – Lock It Up / Album, Singles+ CD
15. The Clash – Police and Thieves / The Clash

Hour 2

01. Fuzz – Jack The Maggot / Fuzz II
02. David Bowie – Joe The Lion / Heroes
03. Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue – Outskirts / Lords of the Manor
04. Creeping Pink – Shadow People Don’t Care / Caped In at Mirror Woods
05. Jack Name – Waiting For Another Moon / Weird Moons
06. Thin Lizzy – Get Out Of Here / Black Rose
07.Vuelveteloca – Viaje a India / Pantera
08. Car Seat Headrest – Oh Starving / Teens of Style
09. The Intelligence – We Refuse to Pay the Dues / Vintage Future
10. Ebenezer & the Bludgeons – Oh! I Love this Weather / Peer Pressure EP
11. The Gun Club – The Great Divide / Pastoral Hide & Seek
12. The Units – Cannibals / Digital Stimulation
13. Drinks – Tim, Do I Like That Dog / Hermits On Holiday