New Music by Lost in the Trees: Golden Eyelids MP3 Premiere

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Monday mornings are always an exciting time at KCRW because Morning Becomes Eclectic host Jason Bentley does a lot of his music listening over the weekend and he always shares his new favorites.

Last week, he played a new song from North Carolina group Lost in the Trees and I could tell they had made an impact on him.

The song was “Golden Eyelids”, and it’s on their second album “A Church That Fits Our Needs”, which will be out March 20.

Stream “Golden Eyelids”

From Jason:

“I was in my office doing a bunch of other stuff because I find that the best possible scenario for sampling new music is to put it on as atmosphere and see if it stops me in my tracks. This album did.

And then I listened to it again and I was totally smitten.

I love the lush orchestration and the purity of his voice. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy.”

Ari Picker is the architect behind the band and a classically trained composer. He created this album as a tribute to his mother, who he lost in 2009 when she took her own life. It is about both loss AND transformation so not as somber as it might seem.

Check out the video from the song “Red” below.