New Music from Las Cafeteras

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You need not be hyper-informed to know that our country is at a crossroads, with many feeling their voices and interests are not represented in government, policy, and general welfare.

While some look to find a voice through social media updates, protests, or open dialogue with those of opposing views, socially conscious musicians like Las Cafeteras are expressing and healing themselves through song.

This past Monday, President’s Day, Las Cafeteras released the first single off their forthcoming full-length album Tastes Like LA. It’s a track entitled, If I Was President, and is currently a free download via their bandcamp page.

If I Was President, contains hints of their signature Son Jarocho sound, and includes their strongest influence of hip-hop on any of their tracks thus far. Eugene Toale’s production shines and once again elevates the band’s compositions to a more dynamic spectrum.

The song is also a statement piece that delivers a comforting and inspiring bilingual message to a question we were probably all once asked as children, “What would you do if you were President?”

“We wanted to engage people’s imaginations about the future of this country,” notes the band. “Everyone knows what’s wrong, but not many know what to do. We hope to push people to think about themselves as Presidents of their homes, schools, workplaces and to create the kind of country they would like to see starting from the local and moving outward.”

Perfect food for thought if you’re tired of chasing those click bait links on FB that lead to nowhere and fewer answers.

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