New Music from M. Ward – Primitive Girl MP3

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I’ll admit it, I’m not a big fan of sad songs. Or even slow songs, for that matter.

My job is essentially that of a professional cheerleader (that’s how I like to think of publicity) so most of my music listening is about getting pumped up, with the occasional rip-my-heart-out ballad thrown in when it suits the mood.

I’ve always appreciated M. Ward as a songwriter, guitar player, and for his uniquely smoky voice. I have followed him through his various solo albums and collaborations (She & Him, Monsters of Folk) but his latest solo album has really caught me of guard in a great way, particularly “Primitive Girl“.

M. Ward – Primitive Girl (Single Version) by MergeRecords

It reminds me more of Belle and Sebastian than anything from the “folk rock” movement Ward’s associated with. And I LOVE it.

We have a tendency in the music world to place artists in boxes — genre boxes. But the great artists refuse to be categorized by constantly surprising us.  Those surprises are what keeps music exciting and I can’t wait to see his new music in a live setting. We’ll be taping a live session with Ward and his band this Friday that will air on Tuesday, April 10 so stay tuned!