New Song From Alabama Shakes: “I Don’t Want to Fight”

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I was incredibly excited to get an early listen to the new Alabama Shakes album.

When I first met them during their MBE session for us in 2012, I knew we we were witnessing something very special — something beyond hype, the “real deal” as they say. I knew ANYTHING was possible and they did not disappoint with their follow up.

Rather than rehash the same sound that led them to the limelight, they crafted the kind of sonically-diverse album that makes you want to listen loud with headphone and properly soak it all in.

Singer Brittany Howard, who seemed to channel Janis Joplin on their debut, seems to be taking inspiration from Curtis Mayfield on many of the tracks. They’re not all fast hard rockers, but they’re still rooted in soul and funk.

It sounds completely different than their debut and is one of the most confident sophomore albums I’ve ever heard. You can tell they really had a vision

That said, the first single “I Don’t Want to Fight” should satisfy all their fans.

The album, “Sound & Color“, is slated for release on April 21 and they’ll be in SoCal for Coachella!