Nick Rosen: Local Artist We Love

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nick rosenFrom DJ Anthony Valadez:

I have had the honor of working with Nick Rosen as part of my own music projects and the entire time I had no clue he working on his debut album.   He passed me this self-released version complete in the cardboard packaging which looked cute and asked If I could help him get it out there.

I placed the CD into my car stereo and instantly fell in love with each song.   This was soul jazz meets folk meets musical vibrations that instantly put a smile on a music lover’s face..

Then, come to find out via the credits, that LA’s very own Miguel Atwood Ferguson and Carlos Nino played a part in musical compositions and it all made sense!

Three of LA’s musical heavyweights together in the creation of possibly one of my top 2010 albums to date.

Mindy’s Song” is a particular favorite and features another incredible local artist, Mia Doi Todd, on vocals.

Check it out!

Anthony Valadez