Nicolas Jaar, Grace Woodroofe, and Matt Corby at SXSW 2012

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Grace Woodroofe by Sabrina Talerico

From KCRW DJ Chris Douridas:

The most lasting memories of SXSW 2012 for me will likely be the 3am bike rides from 6th Street back to my guest house in the foothills along the Colorado River, and all the deer I encountered along the way. Musically speaking, though, it will be the compelling conversations i recorded with Nicolas Jaar, Matt Corby and Grace Woodroofe.

We aired the session with Grace this past Saturday, and the other two will be aired in the coming weeks.

The highlights for me:

Soulful electronic musician Nicolas Jaar talked to me about the influence of John Cage (Jaar’s mother was part of Merce Cuningham’s dance troupe) and the loudness of silence in his life. He pointed out that the first loud silence he experienced as a child was the six year absence of his father. (Editor’s Note: Nicolas was recently profiled in the New York Times and Chris was quoted in the piece.)

listen to: “Tribute to My Mother”

The powerful story of singer-songwriter Matt Corby‘s meteoric rise on Australian Idol at age 16, the subsequent realization that he was making a horrible mistake that could forever ruin his career in music, and the steps he would later take to find his authentic self.

listen to: “Brother” recorded live at SXSW (Warning: explicit)

Australian singer Grace Woodroofe‘s tender retelling of her chance meeting with Heath Ledger that led to her debut album being produced by Ben Harper – and her live performance of “H.”, the song central to the album, written during the first stages of grief after Heath’s untimely passing.

listen to: “H.” recorded live at SXSW

In the next few weeks you’ll be able to hear these session in full on air and online so stay tuned.

— Chris Douridas