Night Panther: Artist You Should Know

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“Sex pop”

That is how Nightpanther describe their music and they pretty much nail it (pun intended).

With a name like Nightpanther, you’re not really playing coy at all and they have the tracks to back it up. One listen to “Fever” and I was completely enamored.

Stream “Fever” and download here.

It’s the combination of Farzad Houshiarnejad’s impressive falsetto, a groovy bass line and the soul horns that take their electro pop to the next level.

The trio is based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania (North of Philly) and recently hit CMJ before a date supporting Holy Ghost!

Their self-titled full length is full of funky fun tracks and worth a listen from start to finish. I hear new music is in the works and I’m really looking forward to it.