Nite Jewel Remix Exclusive!

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Nite Jewel‘s latest release One Second of Love is a moving dark synthpop epic destined to be one of the year’s most lauded albums.

It’s a fantastic full length chock full of jammers that excellently capture the lovelorn energy of the City of Angels at night.

Two Saturdays ago as I was getting my haircut, I got a fairly cryptic email from Nite Jewel‘s Ramona Gonzalez simply titled “firsties” and a link to the following track. Excited, I nearly got up from the chair and sauntered off with a mohawk.

When I got home and downloaded the track, I immediately found myself fist pumping and two-stepping through every room in my apartment to this slinky pitched up disco house rework of one of my very favorite tracks off the album, “Memory Man.”

Stream “Memory Man” (Jeremix)

The “Jeremix” put together by Jorge Elbrecht (lead singer of Violens and Lansing-Dreiden) is a jacking chugger doesn’t require much more of an introduction than a first-time listen. So here goes.

There are no immediate plans to release this version, so guess what?! YOU get “firsties” too bud…Enjoy!

— Mario Cotto