Nneka: Artist You Should Know

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We’re we blessed with such great weather in Southern California that as soon as the fog rolls in and covers the sun, an instant malaise sets over me. Luckily music has the magical power to break through it all and today Nigerian-German singer Nneka was my sunshine, particularly her track “My Home”.

Nneka – My Home by DeconRecords

I had an instant reaction to it and I had to listen to it again right after it ended. It happens to be the first single from her new solo album “Soul is Heavy” which is in stores on February 28.

Other songs on the album feature collaborations with The Roots’ Black Thought (‘God Knows Why’) and Ms. Dynamite (‘Sleep’). It’s her third solo album and she counts KCRW DJs Garth Trinidad, Jeremy Sole, Mathieu Schreyer and Jason Kramer among her fans.


p.s. here’s the official video if you want to listen twice as well!