NYC Streetball Legend Bobbito Garcia is Our Guest DJ

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New York legend Bobbito Garcia wears many hats – DJ, writer, entrepreneur, streetball player/coach/announcer, sneaker connoisseur. (and has many nicknames, Kool Bob Love and DJ Cucumberslice among them)

Whether working with the Knicks as a commentator or on the playgrounds of NYC doing play by play for street ball games and developing his own “isms” with a thick New York accent, this man does it all.

One of the most interesting things about Bobbito is how he means different things to different people.  To some he is the kid on the turntables that fuses Latin music into house into Hip Hop. To others he is that guy on the courts with a microphone creating nicknames for players who sweat it out there every day.

I became hip to Bobbito during his college radio show on WKCR. I remember traveling to Queens every Summer as a kid and taping his legendary shows.  It’s truly what inspired me to get into radio!

It was an honor to host him in KCRW’s studios (he said he’s been a fan of ours for a while) to talk music for KCRW’s Guest DJ Project.

Check it out here and watch a few clips from his new documentary “Doin It In The Park”  below.

Bobbito Garcia Guest DJ Project Set List

1. Look Around The Corner- Quantic with Alice Russell (Live on KCRW)
2. La Casita de Chema- Tato Torres y Yerba Buena
3. Azucar Pt. I and II Live
4. She’s Leaving Home- Syreeta
5. Pick Up Player- Bobbito Garcia Y Su Alala