Oberhofer: Artist You Should Know

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At different points on the journey, we part ways to go on our individual missions as part of the quest. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes the nights are long. “Music is magic” is the only mantra I can muster up when I fall and get stuck in the mud while wading through the dark marshy wetlands of cut & paste music blogs, email press releases, album reviews, YouTube videos, interviews, etc.

You get so tired all you can do is lean against a tree and wait for the desperation to pass. Then the fog starts rolling through the bog and in the distance a faint purple glow lets you know that the day is breaking.

The eerie sounds of the night creatures give way to the awesome calm and bright chirping of waking life. The sky turns a bright orange and you remember why you’re on a quest, “Music is magic.”

Oberhofer – Away Frm U by Pretty Much Amazing

The details as well as I can sort them are; Brad Oberhofer is 21 years old. He is from Tacoma. His debut album, Time Capsules II, is produced by the legendary Steve Lillywhite. Oberhofer is one of the many brilliant artists performing at KCRWs SXSW Showcases.

On the face of it, Oberhofer’s vocal melodies recall those of Noah Lennox and/or Brian Wilson, but the deeper magic is that he’s playing with an anthemic everything and the kitchen sink orchestral pop that’s more reminiscent of a less fuzzy Flaming Lips or a less morose Mercury Rev.

Oberhofer’s youth is an asset and consequently his magic comes from a seemingly endless fount of imaginative romanticism.

This quest is totally worth going on, as Oberhofer seems intent on chasing the sun to fend off the night as long as possible.

HEART – Oberhofer by Glassnotemusic