Odd Future hosts Listening Party for The Internet: Purple Naked Ladies Debut LP

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By Betsy Moyer, KCRW Social Media Manager

Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians. Familiar? They are but two of the posse of modern day market driven hooligans that make up Odd Future… pictured above.

It’s been a quite the year for the group, one might even call it CRAY. We’ve mentioned Odd Future and their ring leader, Tyler the Creator, a time or two here on the KCRW Music Blog throughout the year. Particularly after Anthony Valadez and I both had separate but equally nutso experiences with the posse’s punk performance that we caught at SXSW 2011 in the Fader Fort Tent.

But the reason why we’re having this little chat today is because we have some really exciting news and we are stoked to be the first to announce it.

The Odd Future members are hosting a listening party at their Fairfax Avenue Pop-Up Store  this coming Monday, 12/19.

The album that is getting the spotlight is called Purple Naked Ladies. It’s the debut LP from Odd Future’s R&B oriented project called The Internet. It’s a collaboration between the aforementioned Syd the Kyd & Matt Martians.

The Pop-Up shop where Odd Future takes over a retail space on Fairfax (just for the month of December) is a really cool concept. We heard from the gang that the opening night garnered lines around the block… some people even waited around for 10 HOURS to hang w/ the kids of Odd Future. Monday night’s event promises that all or most of the Odd Future members will be hanging around. There will be free food from the beloved Chic-Fil-A, also beer, wine, some merchandise for sale, and of course the opportunity to hear the full album 1 week before it’s release!

Quite frankly, we are totally digging The Internet’s Purple Naked Ladies here. I heard the Little Dragon remix of “Cocaine” on Anthony Valadez’ show just last night, AS WELL AS Syd the Kyd’s remix of Little Dragons’ “Seconds“…… I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from The Internet! Stream RR’s favorite of the new songs we’ve heard here.

The Internet: Love Song 1

The Internet: They Say

If you haven’t had enough, I suggest exploring down the rabbit hole like I did, the video for “Cocaine” just might ruin your day. I mean it, you have to be 18 just to watch.