Omar Rodríguez López – Pineapple Face / Not Even Toad Loves You

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He is one of the most prolific musicians of his generation, and as non-conventional an artist, as they come.

With 20 + solo albums already under his belt, and another couple albums with his bands, At the Drive-in, Mars Volta & Bosnian Rainbows, Omar Rodríguez López has now embarked on an even more impressive mission.

The virtuoso guitarist will be releasing a new album every two weeks through the end of 2016. Intense!

Today, we bring you the Premier of his third video from this whole undertaking: “Pineapple Face / Not Even Toad Loves You.”

Directed and shot by Omar Rodríguez López himself, the opening tracks off of Sworn Virgins, aka album 1 of roughly 12, are meant to be listened back to back, hence the lengthy singular piece.

It’s very reminiscent of old school vids you might catch really late at night on MTV back in the day; strange but alluring at the same time.

The trippy graphics courtesy of Polish motion, graphic designer Maciej Chodziński, add a bit of playfulness to this, low-fi, straight ahead music video where ORL is essentially performing the song alongside Deantoni Parks (Mars Volta & Bosnian Rainbows).

Great treatment for what seems to be a 6 minute, stream of consciousness, melodic spasm, both musically and lyrically.

Keep an ear out for the rest of these albums, they are all varied in theme, style and sound.