On Remixing David Bowie by Anthony Valadez

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The process of this remix has been fun and a challenge. Recreating the brilliance of Bowie is no easy task.On one hand you want to be creative and create something new but on the other hand you cant help but think “Will David Bowie like this!?”

Check out the Golden Years remix that I made.

DSC_0078 DSC_0074

I had originally created a soul jazz version of the original composition with the hopes of giving the song a different feel yet in the spirit of the original. I scrapped that idea the night before and began a new remix at 4 am with the deadline the following day at 5 pm. My partner Evan Lasry and I knocked it out with the intention of giving it a nice bounce and the Bowie-esque attitude.


It developed a modern day futuristic boogie feel complete with atmospheric synths and a great bounce bass line. In creating this we began to see and feel how it accompanied the original piece.
I still hope he likes it! Fingers crossed!

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