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My first conversation about oOoOO was, of course, how do you pronounce their name on the radio?

I had popped into the studio to find out who it was, just as Jason was pondering how he was going to announce them. Some bands (I’m looking at you F*cked Up) make it REALLY hard to play their music on the radio.

oOoOO is the project of San Francisco-based producer Christopher Dexter Greenspan and I’ve heard the band name was inspired by the sound a ghost makes, which makes sense. It’s dark, haunting, atmospheric music – not as catchy as The XX and less intense than Salem. It’s like a pot simmering wildly over a hot stove while never boiling over.

He released a 6-track EP last year on Tri-Angle Records and you can check out two of the tracks below. Keep an eye out for this one.

Stream “Burnout Eyess

Stream “Hearts”

oOoOO EP Tracklist:

01 “Mumbai”

02 “Burnout Eyess”

03 “Sedsumting”

04 “Hearts”

05 “Plains Is Hot”

06 “Burnout Eyes (Visions of Trees Remix)”