Pacific Air: Local Band We Love

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Pacific Air by Harper Smith

I’m a big believer that the time of day I listen to music can greatly influence my feelings about it. The problem is, I’m not really consistent. Sometimes I like listening to mournful folk in the morning and other times I want to hit the ground running with some danceable pop.

There is one thing I know for sure – post-lunch afternoon listening needs to get my blood pumping.

Today I was in for a treat as music from an LA band I’ve never heard of landed in my mailbox and I decided to take a chance on them while eating at my desk.

They’re called Pacific Air and the song kicks off with whistles, a fun little beat and then some bubbly synths come in at the same time as enchanting male vocals.

Then the chorus hits – and oh my is it catchy! Now this is lunchtime listening music. Listen below and download it here.

Float by Pacific Air Music

If I can’t have a midday pina colada, I’ll take this.

Pacific Air is a project from SoCal brothers Ryan and Taylor Lawhon. Their debut EP will be out on October 16 (they were previously called KO KO) and the track “Float” is out now on iTunes and a 7” on Barsuk Records. They’ll be playing the Luckman Theatre in LA on November 3.