Pan Caliente: 17 Songs of 2017

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It’s the end of the year, and here come the lists! It’s incredibly hard to whittle it down to just 10 songs so we decided to take some freedom and instead give you our Favorite 17 songs of 2017 as they relate to Musica Indie. Arrancamos!

  1. Prettiest Eyes – Mire Nena: Puertorican/Mexican synth-Punk that is loud and gritty.
  1. The Mexican Standoff – El Corrido de Benjamin Ramirez: A ballad written for a brave street vendor who stood strong in the face of racism. Timely.

  1. Chico Mann & Captain Planet – Oye Bien: Carribean grooves excellently produced and updated.
  1. DJ Raff – Impala (feat. Andrés Nusser): This electronic track by the same producer that gave the world the theme song to Broad City, features one of our favorite vocalists from Chilean band Astro.
  1. Costera – Paseo Sideral (feat. León Larregui): Another song with a great collaboration between a new band and a giant vocalist (León from Zoé). Rock in Mexico is not dead.

  1. The Marías – Basta Ya: Funked up, psychedelic soul and a voice that’s soothing in both English or Spanish
  1. AJ Dávila – Beautiful: It was difficult to ignore this beautiful intersection of pop and garage rock.

  1. Centavrvs – El Punto Final: A mish-mash of sounds that gets every bone in your body moving.

  1. Mon Laferte – Amárrame (feat. Juanes): Powerful and seductive. Not to mention a huge get for Mon to have Juanes collaborate on the track.

  1. Rodrigo Gallardo & Nicola Cruz – María Sabina (feat. Huaira): Hypnotic electro-cumbia ode to one of history’s most famous Curanderas.
  1. La Misa Negra – Sancocho: This is a party jam, no doubt about it. It premiered here on Pan Caliente and extended the summer vibes by at least a couple weeks.


  1. Daymé Arocena – Mambo Na’ Mà: Playful, soulful, jam with a whirlwind of rhythmic cadence evoking jazz masters and Cuba.
  1. Cuco – Lo que siento: A track that features true millennial, bilingual, romance. Oldies inspired bliss.

  1. Bomba Estéreo – Duele: Colombia once again for the win! Li Saumet & crew deliver an emotionally charged snake charmer.


  1. Buscabulla – Titán: Anthemic and perfectly balanced track. You can also watch their MBE Session from this year.

2. El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado – El Tesoro: Indie rock from Argentina that transcends language. It’s a melodic yet fierce love ballad.

  1. Café Tacvba – Futuro: It was literally one of the first releases (Jan 1st, 2017) and it remains our favorite song of the year. It’s a departure in sound and still adheres to the sonic ideals that have made them one of Mexico’s greatest bands.

To hear the entire list in all it’s glory

(Photos: Buscabulla by Cascade Wilhelm, Chico Mann & Captain Planet by Azul Amaral)