Pan Caliente – Making Movies x Las Cafeteras – Tormenta (Song Premiere)

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Earlier this year as Las Cafeteras hit the road for their GlobalFest tour, they found themselves in need of a sub on guitar. The perfect person for the job would have to share their spoken word, son jarocho fusion sensibilities; kind of an incredibly niche talent.

But luckily for them and everyone who got to see their shows, their good friend Enrique Chi was up for the task. Chi is a talented vocalist and guitarist who is part of the Kansas City based rock band Making Movies.

The two bands met four years prior as they were both passing through Austin, TX on tour. And as one often does in Austin, they bumped into each other at a local bar and talked about music all night. This solidified a musical friendship that has now gone much further than lending and borrowing musicians for tours.

On Friday, May 25th Making Movies alongside Las Cafeteras will begin releasing tracks from their fully collaborative EP entitled “El Ritmo de mi Pueblo” on a weekly basis.

Today we have a sneak preview of the first single “Tormenta”.

It uses Las Cafeteras’ son jarocho base so perfectly with lead vocals from Enrique. And in the middle, the collaboration gets a sprinkle of the spoken word/hip-hop leaning rhyme of Hector Flores’ unique voice.

From a recent email conversation with Enrique Chi:

“The ideas for this EP were born out of late night hotel jam sessions and bus conversations.  It’s really been a beautiful thing to grow as friends and collaborators.”

We definitely agree and eagerly await the coming week’s releases.

Making Movies are in the middle of their first ever Carnaval Tour and will be in Los Angeles at Moroccan Lounge on Friday, May 25th with Alex Cuba. They’ll also play the Glasshouse in Pomona on Sunday, May 27th with Las Cafeteras as support.

Ojo: Any DACA recipient gets into the shows for free as a simple act of solidarity (DREAMERS link).

Bonus: Hector Flores & Enrique Chi reflecting on their friendship & music

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