Pan Caliente – Silvana Estrada

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Every now and then, you’ll see a claim by some music writer, blogger, or critic, that the subject they are profiling is or will be “the voice of a generation.”  Well, even though I often try and not engage in hyperbole, today I feel somewhat impulsive, and I wish to proclaim Silvana Estrada as “one of Mexico’s greatest young talents and vocalists.”

Estrada is 21 years old, and she sings and composes songs about heart-break, lament, and passion. She does so with the most soulful and dulcet voice. Her demeanor is modest and after she sings and gets off the stage, she has a lovely smile and attitude about the future of her life and career as a crooner.

We had a chance to see her perform at Augusto Bracho’s Cantinazo in Mexico City 2 weeks ago, and despite sharing the bill with the talented Alex Ferreira and the captivating Augusto, Silvana Estrada stole the show.