Pan Caliente: 5 Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

Written by
Carla Morrison

5. Hello Seahorse! – Untitled EP (Mid-Year)

Ok, so this is not quite a full-length album. But considering some of our top picks for the year in 2014 were standout EPs, we are not limiting this post to just albums.

After 3 solid albums in the last 5 years Hello Seahorse! is trying something different. They will be releasing a 4 song/ 4 video EP mid year that promises to keep them relevant and captivate the musica indie scene once again.

Not sure if the 4 videos will correspond with the tracks or if the 4 tracks will be different songs from the 4 videos. But either way new music from Hello Seahorse! has us excited about this release.

4. Toy Selectah & Camilo Lara – Compass (Early February)

Fueled by the intensity of Red Bull, this new project between producer extraordinaire Toy Selectah & Camilo Lara of Mexican Institute of Sound fame, promises around 90 collaborations, recorded on 4 different continents.

This collab had been rumored since the beginning of last year, so when the teaser track was finally released in December, it sparked a lot of hype.

Between these two heavyweights and all the rad contributers like Bonde do Rolê, Helado Negro, & Toots & the Maytals, this album is definitely one of the most anticipated of 2015.

3. Elsa y Elmar – Rey (May)

This Colombian, indie-pop, ingenue raised some eyebrows over a year ago with a stunning EP.

She spent the last year recording, exploring, and refining her sound. In 2015, she will be releasing her debut as a more aggressive and daring musician.

She told us that this record, “will have rhythms, synths and sounds that are different from the EP, without loosing the sentimentalism,” of her music. We cannot wait to hear the evolution of Elsa y Elmar’s sound.
2. Buyepongo – Todo Mundo (Summer)

One of the ultimate, live, LA bands, setting stages on fire with their jam-out boogaloos has finally set a release date for their full length debut sources close to the band tell us.

It’s difficult to translate what Buyepongo brings to a live show, but if they are able to capture this energy — as they did on their very DIY EP — I have no doubt that it will become an instant favorite amongst music heads.

1. Carla Morrison – untitled (Rumored)

After more than two years touring her debut, a Grammy nomination, as well as 2 Latin Grammy wins, Carla Morrison and co. have relocated back to Baja, California.

We can only speculate that maybe with any luck this means 2015 will bring with it the eagerly awaited follow up to “Dejenme Llorar“.

It’s an understatement to say that her ravenous fans are eagerly awaiting a new release and, with the help of her music being featured on Sons of Anarchy and The Bridge, her crossover fans are also jonesing for new music from her. We hope this rumor is true.