Pan Caliente: 60 Tigres

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New Music is pretty much what we live for over here at Pan Caliente.

And when it mysteriously comes from a band that was rumored to have split up back in 2012 it’s even more exciting.

60 Tigres, a band that formed in the musical mecca of Monterrey, Mexico, about 9 years back, returns with a new album and tour dates to boot.

Hay Más”, the lead single off their latest release “Frenesí“, starts off where the band left off without missing a beat.

In fact, when translated, the title means, “There’s more,” a reaffirmation that the band wasn’t quite done.

The new music sounds a slight more Indie Rock than the trademark groovy funk they used to make, but that isn’t a bad thing at all. Listen for yourselves and tell me the two genres don’t have great deal in common.

Currently you can only hear the new single on their YouTube & Soundcloud channels, but a digital release will soon be available worldwide.