Pan Caliente: 90s-inspired indie-rock from El Mañana and a Kobe Bryant corrido

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For today’s Pan Caliente, we bring you this fresh new video by El Mañana. El Mañana (which translates to “The Dawn”) is led by Colombian American singer songwriter, Danny Murcia, and rounded out by phenomenal bassist Camilla Charlesworth and Rhys Hastings on drums. They shred live and have a penchant for 90s inspired indie-rock.

With “Lejos,” they lean into a bilingual dream-pop sound that hits you with a jolt of energy. The video exposes a slice of life, with the band trespassing, shooting hoops, and chilling in strange but appealing locations — it harkens back to being a young kid looking for something to do.

As a bonus, we’re featuring this ode to Kobe Bryant, who at the age of 41 perished in a terrible helicopter crash alongside 8 others this past Sunday. Kobe meant a great deal to the City of Los Angeles through his dominance on the basketball court as well as his charitable work off the court. He also had a special relationship with Angelenos of a Mexican-American background who make up a great section of the Lakers’ fandom.

In traditional Mexican folk music, Corridos, immortalize people’s larger than life stories. Often times they focus on champions who were cut down before their time, be it revolutionaries, narcos, or populist legends. Truly fitting to have a corrido Kobe.

Charles Goose – “El Corrido de Kobe Bryant” (Ode to Kobe Bryant)