Pan Caliente: Best New Videos

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We’ve rarely featured standalone video posts in the past on Pan Caliente, but it being January with resolutions still flying about wildly…today we feature three videos that we are digging right now.

Released mid year in 2017, Dat Garcia’s Maleducada was a sonic delicacy. This video features a kaleidoscope of images and vivid colors (which is in line with her label ZZK Records), resulting in a trippy but somehow still soothing clip.

Salfvman hails from Valencia, Spain and are cooking up some delicious & hypnotic synth-pop. The project is similar in sound to Buscabulla, who have found their unique niche in Brooklyn. “Oro” is their latest single and was brought to our attention by KCRW Staffer Enrique. Gracias!

Adán Jodorowsky has many musical incarnations, and now released an album under his real name. He’s previously released under the moniker Adanowsky, and as part of the folky group Adan & Xavi y los Imanes.  This is the video for his first single from the forthcoming Escencia Solar due out on 2/2 on Cosmica. It features KCRW fav Natalia Lafourcade.