Pan Caliente: Bomba Estereo Song Premiere – “Soy Yo”

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The electro-cumbia, champeta-reggae, music heavyweights are back!

Li Saumet and crew will release their follow up to “Elegancia Tropical” tomorrow, June 2nd.

Amanecer” maintains the emblamatic Bomba Estéreo groove, with fun and upbeat tracks weaved in between sonic ballads.

Yet now there is a focused structure to some of the would be amorphic jams.

A clear contrast that may be attributed to the collaboration with Bay area, hip-hop, producer Ricky Reed of Wallpaper fame.

Reed’s addition as producer has brought a solid balance between the intrinsically Colombian melodies, dense 808s and of course, Saumet’s distinct voice layered in melodic prose.

Amanecer“, is a cohesive, danceable, fast moving album, that is undeniably one of the year’s best.

We’ve got the exclusive premier of “Soy Yo,” a track that features multi-instrumentalist Simon Mejia on classic Colombian folk instruments like the gaita [wind instrument] and a tambor alegre [percussion].

It’s also a song that orates respect, acceptance and the right to just live and enjoy life any way that makes one happy.

“So what if people criticize you, if that’s the way you are, so be it,” as Li Saumet put it. A mantra that the group has lived by to the fullest throughout their existence.

Bomba return to LA on June 6th at the Fonda Theater alongside bands like Little Jesus, Santé Les Amis and an eclectic two day line up that brings hope for more Goldenvoice-backed musica indie shows in the Los Angeles area.

Another track to check out from their forthcoming release!