Pan Caliente: Coachella Lineup Con Sabor

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Being that you too are a music aficionado, surely yesterday was the day you wait for all year. That’s right, I’m referring to the unveiling of the lineup for the cultural behemoth known as COACHELLA.

Some have already declared it “the BEST” or “THEE worst,” or are just plain indifferent about it; but we here at Pan Caliente scrolled quickly past the Beyoncé’s, the SZA’s and the M&M’s to see if the Musica Indie resurgence of last year would be a recurring trend.

To our delight, the answer was YAAAAASS!

There will be bands with a bit of Sabor taking the stage in the high desert come this April!

With a breakout year in 2017, Pan Caliente darlings, Buscabulla, Helado Negro, Cuco, and The Marías got a nod to be part of the 2-weekend affair.

French-Cuban duo Ibeyi head back for their second billing and DJ/Producer Rebolledo will be throwing down phat beats with his project Pachanga Boys.

Even lesser known bands like Señor Kino out of Sonora, Mexico and Boogarins from Goiania, Brazil will fit right in with their Surf Punk and 60’s pop respectively.

To add to the excitement, Colombian-American singer Kali Uchis received top billing along with what is most definitely, and I say this without judgement, one of the most non-sequitur acts in Coachella’s history, Los Ángeles Azules.

With that, we put this on pause, as April is a bit away and begin saving our centavitos for the happening.