Pan Caliente: El Conjunto Nueva Ola – Chido Chido (Video Premiere)

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Seeeeeñoras y Señooooooores… today’s Pan Caliente is pura locura compliments of ECNO.

El Conjunto Nueva Ola (translation: New Wave Ensemble), are 6 masked desmadrosos, who cumbia-fy many of your favorite New Wave classics and can turn even the most dense scenester party into an all-out rager. I’ve witnessed it in person.

And much like the masked luchadores of Mexico’s wrestling lore, ECNO arrive in their Luchador masks, perform in them, and even head to the After Party with them on. Never revealing their true identity to anyone!

It would take a counter band of New Wave Rudos (tough guys) to get up on stage and unmask the ensemble… but I digress…

Today, we scored the premiere of ECNO’s music video from the forthcoming Chico Che tribute album Tributo a Chico Che. It’s the beyond classic, “Chido Chido.”

Brief context: Chico Che was an iconic Mexican singer, songwriter, and performer in the ’70s & ’80s. He is best known for his Tropical hits “De quén chon,” and “Quén pompó,” along with his signature blue overalls & pageboy haircut.

Chico Che’s lyrics were uniquely bathed in regional colloquialism, double entendre, and parody. It’s a style that makes El Conjunto Nueva Ola’s version of Chido Chido, the perfect combination.